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Having youthful good looks and a face that is free from the early signs of aging is something that a great deal of women desire. As you grow older, however, the aesthetically pleasing facial features you have will eventually disappear and your face will become riddled in fine lines and wrinkles.

These issues are caused by the progression of time, stress, smoking, poor eating habits, lack of rest, and other biological issues. Over the course of time, the changes may become more severe and increase in visibility. In a situation such as this, you might be wondering if reclaiming your youthful looks is possible. Fortunately, that is now possible with the power of a facelift.

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to tighten the underlying muscles of the face and bring back one’s youthful appearance. The treatment is used to redefine one’s facial region and improve the jaw line to reduce the visible signs of aging, making you look several years younger. This cosmetic procedure is incredibly popular with both men and women.

What Does a Facelift Offer?

When researching information about the facelift technique, you may find yourself asking, why should I choose a facelift? This cosmetic procedure delivers natural-looking results, but is that enough for you to undergo the process?

As the procedure becomes more complex and comprehensive, there is no other method that can permanently restore your youthful look.

  • A facelift can turn back the clock by tightening the underlying facial muscles and improving the contours of the face for a more attractive look. This cosmetic procedure is designed to restore your ability to look and feel young while retaining your natural appearance.
  • Your skin will have a smoother texture and look firmer. Your surgeon will remove any extra tissue causing a saggy appearance from different areas of the face. This addresses a great deal of cosmetic concerns, including the appearance of jowls, turkey wattles, drooping skin around the eyes, and a tired look.
  • As you age, your skin will begin to lose elasticity and excess fat in the cheeks and other facial structures will start to droop downward. During a facelift, your doctor will pull back the skin to eliminate these issues. Any excess fat will also be removed to deliver a strong jawline.

The Ideal Candidates for the Procedure

In order to be considered an ideal candidate for the procedure, you will need to be in good general health and be free from underlying health issues. You should also exhibit the signs of aging, loose skin, sagging muscles in the facial region, and unsightly wrinkles.

The surgery involves minimal invasion and little downtime. During the treatment process, your surgeon will make an incision around the hairline and extends it to the ear and the lower scalp. They will be strategically placed to remain hidden once you have fully healed. Once the healing period is over, the post-surgical marks will be nearly invisible.

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Dr. Peter Butler and Dr. Jocelyn Leveque have performed many facelift procedures over the years with excellent results. They pride themselves on giving patients a natural result. You will look like you, only younger and fresher. To find out what Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery can do for you, go to www.gulfcoastplasticsurgery.com or call us at (850) 476-3223.

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