A Lower Body Lift Procedure Trims Sagging Skin from the Lower Body

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There’s no secret that a lot of people would enjoy having a well-sculpted body. Unfortunately, achieving this goal isn’t as easy as one would hope. Even if you spend a lot of hours in the gym or restrict yourself to a diet, there’s still a high chance that you will have saggy skin keeping you from attaining your desired look.

Oftentimes, your genetic makeup can determine how much loose, saggy skin you are going to have. If you are prone to experiencing fluctuations in weight, this too may cause you to develop excess loose skin in many parts of your body, especially the lower region. Fortunately, a lower body lift can solve this issue.

Ideal Candidates for the Lower Body Lift

If you are an individual who is in good general health and you’re having issues with stubborn fat, sagging skin on the abs, thighs, or buttocks, and weakened abdominal muscles then you will make a great candidate for the procedure.

A thorough check-up will be performed to ensure that you meet the specific qualifications. Also, keep in mind that it is best to undergo this type of surgery when you are within range of your ideal weight.

The Technique used to Perform the Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift or lipectomy may include a general anesthetic but depending on the technique used and procedures involved, a spinal anesthesia might also be fine. Also, the duration of the surgery will depend on the procedures you may require.

A lower body lift typically involves the following procedures either individually or in combination:

A tummy tuck – Helps to remove excess fat and skin from the stomach region. It can also help restore weakened stomach muscles. It results in a much firmer abdomen.
Brazilian butt lift – if it is an improved shape you crave for your butt, then you are a good candidate for this procedure as it is designed to give you a perky, voluptuous Brazilian butt.
Liposuction – Can remove excess stubborn fat from the most difficult areas to give you a more shapely figure.
Thigh lift – Gives you a firmer and more attractive look for your legs

Recovering from a Lower Body Lift

The period of time needed to fully recover from the lower body lift varies from patient to patient and is related to the procedures being performed. Post-surgical care mainly includes looking after your incisional areas and maintaining clean bandages. You should also make sure to rest and relax for a couple of weeks to ensure optimal healing.

Asking your family or friends for help performing certain tasks can go a long way toward optimizing your recovery. Once you are fully recovered, your body will appear slimmer, more toned, and much more appealing when you look at yourself in the mirror.

As a corrective procedure, a lower body lift has a lot of advantages. It is not just a cosmetic procedure.

Some of the Benefits of a Lower Body Lift Include:

• The removal of excess loose skin that hangs from your frame after a significant weight loss
• Easy and unhindered movement free from droopy skin
• The removal of skinfolds that cause rashes and irritation
• Improved definition in the lower body region

It is advised that you share your vision of the body you desire with your plastic surgeon during s consultation. Your doctor will take your desires and unique bodily composition into account to develop a surgical plan that will help deliver the results you desire.

Having a well-toned and contoured body will make you feel confident in everything that you want to wear. Whether you’re heading to the beach or going on a night out on the town, your beautiful new body will bring you confidence.

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