An Upper-Body Lift Treats a Variety of Sagging Issues

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Some people have a great deal of excess skin on their upper body as a result of dramatic weight loss or genetics. This drooping skin hangs from areas like the back, arms, and chest. Excess fat can also form in these regions.

Not only does this sagging skin and fat create an overweight and unappealing appearance, it also psychologically affects a person, making them self-conscious and uneasy in social situations. The loose skin can even cause problems like skin rashes.

What Is an Upper-Body Lift?

An upper-body lift helps to remove excess drooping skin and fat from the upper body. When an upper-body lift is carried out, it tightens the loose skin in the back that extends to the side of the chest. It can also lead to an improvement of back rolls.

This procedure is often done along with breast lifts, arm lifts, and liposuction to improve the appearance of the upper body.

Who Can Get an Upper-Body Lift?

Anyone who has lost a great deal of weight and is not planning on additional weight loss can get an upper-body lift. Ideally, the candidate for the surgery should have had a stable weight for the last six months. The patient must also be in good health.

Those who experience regular fluctuations in weight, are obese, have health problems, or smoke heavily are not recommended to undergo this procedure.

Benefits of an Upper-Body Lift

An upper-body lift provides the following benefits:

  • It removes sagging skin that has developed due to weight loss.
  • It eliminates skin rashes that occur due to sagging skin.
  • It makes it easier for the patient to wear clothes they once felt too self-conscious to wear, like swimwear.
  • It offers a tightened and improved appearance for areas like the upper back, chest, arms, and any other regions targeted for improvement.

How Is the Upper-Body Lift Done?

Prior to deciding on getting an upper-body lift, a consultation with one of our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons is essential. Dr. Peter Butler or Dr. Jocelyn Leveque will perform a detailed examination and assess the patient’s health condition to determine if surgery is an appropriate treatment option. The benefits and side effects will also be explained.

Once a date is set for the surgery, the upper-body lift will be performed, typically as an outpatient procedure. When several procedures are carried out during the upper-body lift at the same time, an over-night hospital stay may be required.

During the procedure, the patient will be under general anesthesia. Incisions are created and then the excess tissues are removed. The remaining skin is re-draped and tightened, and surgical sutures are used to close the incisions.

On completion of the surgery, the doctor provides directions regarding post-surgical recovery and follow-up visits. The results can be seen immediately in the form of improved upper-body contours.

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To learn more about how you can benefit from an upper body lift, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jocelyn Leveque or Dr. Peter Butler, the award-winning surgeons of Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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