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Having prominent wrinkles can add years to your actual age, making you seem much older. Thankfully, Botox can help turn back the clock to a more youthful looking you! A simple procedure that’s easily done under the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon or highly-trained nurse practitioner/injector, Botox injections can give you a long-lasting boost to your aesthetic appeal in less time than it takes for you to have lunch.

When Can Botox Help?

If you have a very expressive face, those trademark smiles or furrowed brows of yours could start to make a visible impression on your facial skin. You could develop crow’s feet, laugh lines, brow lines, and other wrinkles that take away from your appearance.

Aging can hasten the appearance of these wrinkles, but you could stop the problem in its tracks with a regular Botox treatment. This injectable treatment is especially effective on “dynamic wrinkles” – those that haven’t already set in. People who have gummy smiles, thick bands in the neck, lip lines, or thick jaw muscles, may also benefit from Botox.

How Botox Works

Botox is composed of botulinum toxin. In controlled doses, it is completely safe and works to relax the muscles in the injected region. It prevents the facial muscles responsible for causing the wrinkles from contracting by blocking the nerve signals directed to them. By preventing you from constantly moving these muscles, it will help soften the wrinkles.

You should only undergo a Botox treatment with a trained medical professional who has experience performing it. Inexperienced hands to lead to an unnatural look and increase the chances of a serious risk occurring.

What to Expect with a Botox Treatment

Before your treatment begins, your doctor will mark the areas of injection for precise delivery. These sites are determined based on your own individual needs and goals. This might be on your forehead, around the eyes, on the mouth and chin area, or even the neck.

You will need several injections depending on how many wrinkles you have and the number of areas being targeted. Eyebrow furrows tend to need more injections, while crow’s feet require just a few.

Since this isn’t a major procedure, you won’t require any anesthesia and no downtime. In as little as 15 minutes, you can be in and out with time to finish anything else you need to accomplish in the day. What makes it even better is, you can do it with style.

The great thing with Botox is that you don’t have to wait endlessly for results. In just a few days, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your look.

Pick a Reputed and Experienced Medical Professional for Your Botox

Doing your research and searching for a great plastic surgeon or nurse practitioner/nurse injector to perform the procedure is the best way to ensure an excellent result. Even though this type of treatment sounds fairly simple, it requires the precise hands of skilled professional to perform correctly.

It can be tempting to go overboard once you see the results it gives you. Remember to stick with a planned schedule for repeat treatments, as recommended by your physician/specialist, for the best results. Avoid overdoing it. The goal is to diminish wrinkles, not to look frozen.

Schedule Your Botox Consultation with Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery

If you’re interested in learning more about Botox treatments, contact Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation. Our skilled team will help you throughout the entire process from beginning to end.

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