Bigger or Smaller? Lip Trends of 2018

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Like other trends in cosmetic procedures or facial enhancements, the “ideal size” of a person’s lips has varied dramatically over the decades and throughout different cultures. There was a time, in the 80s, when everything big was in: Big lips, big hair, big shoulder pads, and lip augmentation dramatically increased in popularity.

Fast-forward to the 2000’s. More and more celebrities are displaying fuller lips and openly admitting they’re using fillers. In 2016, the number of lip injection had increase by as much as 50% over the previous decade. In 2018, the ‘bigger is better’ method of filler injections has changed to being more about balance and shape. Having a slightly fuller lip shape enhances your entire face, and it can even help reduce the lines above your lips and keep you looking younger.

Today, lip augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed, but patients are looking for greater artistry. It’s not only in how the fillers are used for the lips, but also how they enhance, and refresh the entire facial appearance. It’s all about creating facial balance, meaning having lips that match your face, as opposed to being the main thing that’s noticed about your face when you walk into a room.

In 2016 and 2017, we saw many faces with overfilled lips and ducky-looking lip augmentations. This is largely a result of patients having a desire to look like their favorite celebrities, which may not be the best look for their faces. For 2018, the lip filler trends have changed. Now, both consumers and injectors have become more aware of having too much dermal filler.

New injection techniques and a variety of product choices give injectors the tools needed to create a beautiful shape and fullness in the lip. Consumers have options of brands and products that are softer, last longer and can give the lip a more defined edge. Juvederm’s Volbella is one of the newest and most used products, designed specifically for the lips. It provides a full and soft lip and can be used to improve the lines around the mouth.

Trends in cosmetic surgery and procedures always evolve, just as our fashion styles do. We have gone through periods where very large “fake looking” breast were what’s popular, and then 10 years later, a more natural look is what’s “in”. Lips are no different. The best part about the changes in lip augmentation trends is that dermal fillers make it very easy to increase or decrease the size of your lips. They are temporary and if you do end up with a result you are not pleased with, there is a way to dissolve the filler, essentially reversing the procedure.

The most important thing to consider when using dermal fillers to plump your pout, is your injector. You want to make sure you have an injector that is well trained and experienced and that understands your desired results. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your lip enhancement goals.

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