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Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery treatment that involves breast implants or fat transfers to help increase the size of breasts. This is a procedure that particularly benefits women who want to restore their breast volume. This is typically the case when women have just lost a significant amount of weight or have just given birth.

When a woman breast feeds, the shape of the breasts may alter such that they sag or lose their symmetry. In cases such as these, a breast augmentation can prove to be highly beneficial.

What You Stand To Achieve

The idea of the perfect breast is a size and shape that perfectly complements the rest of the body. Having small breasts is usually a cause of social anxiety for many women. Most women are in fact not blessed with well-rounded breasts. Sizes and shapes vary, and sometimes this can be a result of ill fitting clothes and other issues.

In such cases, breast augmentation is a great solution. The procedure can increase the roundness, fullness, and projection of the breasts. It can also result in a more balanced look that you can feel confident in showing off.

One of the biggest reasons why women choose to undergo this procedure is to gain the confidence and femininity they have always wanted. It can help enhance your self esteem and make you feel more beautiful. The procedure is also an ideal solution for women who have previously undergone a mastectomy.

How Is the Procedure Done

There are different types of breast implants available. During a consultation with your plastic surgeon, you can receive the guidance you need to pick the options that work best for you. Your doctor will assess your body as a whole and help you decide on the type of implants based on your individual needs and body types.

Saline breasts implants are filled with an FDA approved saline solution which offers firmness and uniformity, while silicone breast implants are also FDA approved, but filled with silicone gel instead. Once you have decided on the type of implant you want, you can then begin the surgical process.

Your surgeon will begin the procedure by strategically making an incision under your breast, arms, or around your nipples. Once a pocket is created, the implant is then inserted into it, below the chest muscle. Once the implant has been properly placed, your surgeon will close the incisions.

After the surgery is completed, you may have drainage tubes attached to help remove any excess fluids. It is also mandatory to wear a surgical bra to aid in the healing process. No strenuous activities can be performed after the surgery for some time. This includes activities such as exercising or lifting heavy weights.

It is essential to remember that no matter what anybody says, your body is your temple and you must do to it what you deem fit. The way you feel about beauty may be a different idea in comparison to someone else’s.

A breast implant has the potential to make you feel full and good about yourself. It is absolutely necessary to love the body you are in and if you feel unhappy with it, then you can make the choice to improve it. Breast implants can help bring you one step closer to the body you have always wanted.

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