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Just like any other part of the body, some people are unhappy with the appearance of something in their vaginal or anus area. Issues like these can often go unresolved because it is not something everyone feels comfortable talking about. Here are a few procedures to treat some of the most common concerns we see at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery.


A labiaplasty is the cosmetic procedure to reshape the skin on the external part of the vagina. Some women wish to remove a portion of the skin on the labia minora to achieve a more desirable appearance. The appearance of the labia can be that way from birth but if can also be altered over time through childbirth and other trauma to the area. No matter the reason, this is an area every woman should be able to feel comfortable with. This procedure can be performed quickly, in the office under local anesthesia.

Perineum Reconstruction

During vaginal childbirth many women undergo an episiotomy. This is when the skin between the vaginal opening and the anus is cut to allow for easier childbirth and to prevent tearing. After this procedure the skin is sutured back together, however many women are unhappy with the appearance after the wound has healed. Perineum reconstruction can be performed in the office under local anesthesia to improve the appearance of the perineum scar.

Perineal Skin Tag Removal

A perineal skin tag is an unusual growth that appears on the external portion of the anus. Often times this can be a result of a previous hemorrhoid that has gone down however left behind stretched, loose skin. In some cases, abnormal tissue growths in the anal area like this can be a result of injury or trauma. These can be uncomfortable, in the way when using the restroom and cleaning the area, as well as causing self consciousness in personal relationships. The procedure to remove abnormal growths on the anus is very quick and can be performed in the office under local anesthesia.

If you have something about your vaginal or anal area that makes you feel less than confident or causes other issues for you, there is a quick and easy solution to help you feel your best. If you have questions or are ready address your concerns, schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Peter Butler and Dr. Jocelyn Leveque.

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