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This patient came to consult with Dr. Leveque to see if she was a candidate for a “Mommy Makeover”. This procedure can consist of multiple procedures, all of which help a patient get their pre-baby body back after pregnancy or help remove excess skin after major weight loss. Dr. Leveque performed mulitple procedures on this patient during two surgical sessions. She underwent the following procedures: breast augmentation with lift, armlift (or brachioplasty), backlift, tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty), liposuction of the hips or lovehandles, and a medial thigh lift. The patient had a fabulous result. She is happy with the outcome of her procedures and loves the confidence that the surgeries and her new silhouette have given her.

Age: Between 36 and 45 years old
Weight: Between 145 and 155 pounds
Height: 5’4″ to 5’7″
Gender: Female
Post-op Timeline: 6 months
Implant Type: Silicone Gel
Implant Shape: Round
Implant Incision: Circumareolar
Volume: Over 600cc
Implant Profile: High
Implant Projection: High
Implant Placement: Submuscular
Implant Height: Full
Implant Base: Round
Pre-Surgery Bra Size: C
Post-Surgery Bra Size: E
Technique: Mommy Makeover