Game Changing Treatments to Try in 2019

Published on December 27, 2018

This year, resolve to put the advances in non-surgical skincare and body treatment techniques to work for you.  Here is a guide to some of the most effective technologies to try in 2019:

MiraDry This cutting-edge technology eliminates 80% of underarm sweating and odor, while reducing hair growth by up to 70%.  The results from miraDry are permanent and most patients only require one treatment. It is safe and FDA approved for the reduction of underarm sweat and odor.  Most patients find they don’t need to wear antiperspirant or deodorant after having miraDry. During the procedure, the surface of the skin is cooled while the layer containing the sweat, hair and odor glands is heated using thermal energy, which eliminates the glands and most of the sweat, odor and hair. The procedure takes about an hour and there is little downtime.  The underarm area may be swollen and tender immediately after treatment, but this subsides in a few days. Any discomfort is usually relieved with over-the-counter pain medications like Tylenol or Motrin.

UltherapyUltherapy is an anti-aging treatment that uses ultrasound therapy to plump and tighten the skin.  This treatment can be used to treat wrinkles on your face, chest, sagging eyebrows, loose neck skin, and even a double chin.  Ultherapy is available for the full face, the brow area, the jawline and décolletage. The ultrasound energy penetrates deep within the skin, encouraging the production of collagen in the skin’s tissues. This procedure is completely non-invasive and does not damage the surface of the skin.  The resulting boost in collagen production is permanent and the tightening of the skin is very natural-looking. Many patients elect to have Ultherapy done every 2-3 years to proactively combat aging or to prolong the results of a surgical facelift.

Fractional LasersFractional lasers are a fantastic way to improve the skin’s texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of pores, treat acne scars and even treat stretch marks.  These lasers are also successful in treating various medical conditions including rosacea, surgical scars, birthmarks and acne.  Fractional laser are offered in ablative and non-ablative options. Ablative fractional lasers cause a controlled “burn” to the outer layer of skin.  Once healed, a patient is left with fresh, smoother, healthy-looking skin. While only one treatment is usually needed, there is about 7-10 days of downtime while the skin heals.  Non-ablative lasers do the same thing, but with much less downtime. However 2-3 treatments may to necessary to achieve the best result. Your skincare specialist will help you determine which laser treatment is best for your skin type and specific concerns.

PRPPlatelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a portion of the blood that promotes healing when injected.  Injecting PRP into damaged tissues stimulates the body to produce new, healthy cells and promote healing. During PRP treatments, a patient’s blood is drawn, the plasma is concentrated and then the injections are used to stimulate collagen production to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.  Injections in the scalp are used to treat thinning hair by inducing the growth of new hair. PRP can also be used topically in conjunction with microneedling as an anti-aging facial treatment.

Micro-NeedlingMicroneedling is a procedure that’s used to improve the skin’s appearance through collagen production. Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment uses tiny needles to create micro injuries in the skin, stimulating healing and collagen production.  This can help to reduce the appearance of scars,fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. There is little downtime following this procedure. After the treatment, your face will appear slightly red, similar to the look of a sunburn, for approximately 1 to 2 days.

If you want to keep your skin glowing and looking young, a great skin care routine is essential.  Schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts for professional advice on which treatments would be best for you.

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