Tattoo Removal FAQ

Published on December 27, 2019

What is PicoSure?
PicoSure is widely regarded as the most advanced laser treatment available for the safe and effective removal of tattoos.

Can any type of tattoo be removed with PicoSure?
PicoSure can be used to remove all different colors and types of ink used in tattooing. Even the more difficult ink colors, such as blue and green, can effectively be removed with PicoSure.

How Many Treatments Will It Take?
PicoSure works better and faster than other tattoo removal methods. You will see better results in fewer treatments. With that said, depending on the location of the tattoo and the colors used, you should expect it take 3-6 treatments for best results.

How Often Are Treatments Needed?
Tattoo removal treatments are best performed 6 weeks apart. It gives the body time to start breaking down the ink and to heal between treatments.

Can You See Results After the First Treatment?
Everyone responds to tattoo removal differently. Some patients do see results after the first treatment, while others may need a few treatments before they see their tattoo start to fade.

How Much Does PicoSure Cost?
The cost of laser tattoo removal varies, depending on the size of the tattoo, the colors, as well as your body’s response to the treatment. After your consultation, the practitioner can provide you with an estimate for the number of treatments as well as the cost.

How Is PicoSure Different Than Other Tattoo Removal Methods?
PicoSure uses the latest technology to remove ink colors by delivering micro bursts of energy into the skin. The pulses target ink and brown spots while avoiding unmarked tissue. Older tattoo removal methods break pigment into small granules, while PicoSure shatters the ink into tiny particles which are more easily eliminated by the body.

Will PicoSure Work on Tattoos That Were Not Successful with Other Lasers?
PicoSure is great at removing previously treated tattoos. It has been highly successful on tattoos that have had previous treatments done with other types of lasers that did not fully work.

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