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is a term used to describe a medical condition in men causing enlarged breasts. Breast development in men is fairly common. Many people are surprised to learn that all men have the same type of breast tissue as women, just in much smaller amounts. In cases of gynecomastia, the man’s breast tissue grows too much and can become dramatically enlarged. There are many causes of gynecomastia including the body producing too much or too little of certain hormones. Genetics, steroids, drugs and excess weight can also cause gynecomastia.

When the male breasts become fatty, sagging and misshapen, it gives the appearance of more feminine looking breasts. Men with gynecomastia can become very self-conscious about their chests, avoiding activities that require going shirtless, wearing oversized clothing, and even wearing layers to try to hide the chest area. This can take a huge toll on their social lives and relationships.

Ideally, the breast shape men desire is a muscular well-defined chest. Most men that come to us seeking a breast reduction, have already tried weight loss programs and working out to no avail. The good news is that there are other options to help men with excess breast tissue.

Generally speaking, there are two types of gynecomastia. The first cause is excess glandular tissue. This type of tissue is very firm and rubbery and it cannot be removed by liposuction. It must be surgically excised. An excision is a surgical procedure that requires incisions, so there will be scars after the procedure. However, skilled surgeons will place the incisions as inconspicuously as possible. Your surgeon may also recommend the use of scar gel to help the scars heal well.

The other common cause of gynecomastia is excess fatty tissue. For fatty tissue in the breast area, liposuction is a great option. In many cases, liposuction of the chest can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Small incisions are made to insert the cannula which can be moved around to suck out the fat while contouring the chest. The goal is the restoration, or creation of, a nice contour to the chest. Following liposuction, there will be some soreness and bruising for one to two weeks.

Many men are hesitant to discuss this issue and suffer needlessly. By seeking the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon, men may find that the solution to this problem is relatively simple. If you or a man you know has enlarged breast tissue, schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning board-certified plastic surgeons to learn about all the available options.

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