Is Your Neck Giving Away Your Age?

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As we age, maintaining our appearance becomes more and more important. There are many options for the face including makeup, shaving, facials and cosmetic procedures. However, our necks tend to be overlooked. Our necks are exposed to the same elements as our faces. Sun, wind and time take just as big of a toll on the neck as it does to the face.

Many people look in the mirror one day and realize that their neck is telling their age. The good news is there are options to treat the loose, sagging skin on the neck. There are a few different options that your doctor will consider when it comes to treating sagging neck skin. The best option for you will be based on how much improvement your neck needs.

A short scar neck lift is a surgical procedure used when there is a significant amount of sagging skin between the chin and neck area. Aging can cause the loss the definition between the chin and the neck, creating almost the appearance of a slope from the point of the chin down to the neck. The short scar neck lift is a great way to treat this problem. The doctor makes a small incision under the chin (hence the name) and tightens the neck muscles and tissues. This procedure can typically be performed in the office, with minimal downtime.

For patients with excessive sagging skin in the neck area, an extended neck lift or a facelift may be recommended. An extended neck lift is similar to the short scar neck lift, but addition to incisions under the chin, incisions are also made around each ear. This allows for further improvement of the skin tightening and contouring on the neck and lower face and any excess skin can be removed from the ear incision area. This procedure provides long lasting results that will keep your neck from giving away your age for many years to come.

If you have loose and sagging skin around your neck that is bothering you, schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning plastic surgeons to see if neck lift surgery is right for you or what other options may be best.

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