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Breast augmentations are one of the most common procedures performed in the cosmetic surgery industry. There are always new and innovative techniques, products and procedures designed to address most issues women experience with their breasts. One of the newest trends in “boob jobs”, is the implant free breast augmentation.

A non-implant breast augmentation, is the process of increasing the breast size without the use of implants. In order to increase the size of the breast without invasive surgery, your plastic surgeon can perform a fat transfer using your body’s own fat. Some patients prefer this type of procedure over a traditional breast augmentation because it uses a natural substance from their body and no foreign objects are being introduced. In some cases, women may have previously had implants with complications such as rejection or capsular contracture.

A fat transfer to the breast, can provide fullness to the breast area, typically in smaller amounts. A person with a B cup that wants a double D would not be a good candidate for a procedure like this. However, for patients who would like to increase their breast size by ½ or 1 full cup size, they can obtain great results with a fat transfer breast augmentation. For women that need a breast lift, a fat transfer would not correct that looseness and laxity of the breast skin. They would either need to do a lift and then a fat transfer or a lift with breast implants to obtain the best results.

When performing a fat transfer, your plastic surgeon will remove excess fat from other areas of the body and then inject it into the breast area. The fat is very carefully placed throughout the breast to contour them and give them a smooth and natural shape. During a fat transfer, about 40% – 60% of the fat will remain in the weeks following the procedure. Some of the initial fat introduced to the area will not “stick”, so the size immediately after the fat transfer will be slightly larger than the final result. For this reason, more than one treatment may be recommended by your plastic surgeon.

The biggest benefit to having a breast augmentation by fat transfer is the recovery, which is shorter and typically less painful than that of an augmentation with implants. Additionally, the fact that there are not foreign objects being introduced to the body, lowers the risks of complications and provides a lifetime result. The biggest con is cost. Breast augmentation using fat transfer is usually 2-3 times more expensive than augmentations using breast implants.

If you’ve been thinking about a breast augmentation but aren’t too keen on surgery or the idea of breast implants, a fat transfer may be a great option for you. Schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning plastic surgeons.

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