Stem Cell Facelift Using Fat Transfer

The Stem Cell Face Lift uses your body’s own fat and stem cells to add fullness, lift the face, fill lines and improve the texture of your skin. There are some clear advantages to using fat transfer to combat facial aging:
The Stem Cell Face Lift has little down time.  You may have some slight bruising or swelling at the injection site, but is usually very minimal.

The Stem Cell Face Lift offers natural-looking and long-lasting results.  Drs. Leveque and Butler use great care when harvesting and transferring the fat cells.  Because of this, the fat transferred has more than a 70% lifetime survivability rate.  Unlike other fillers on the market, this technique offers a permanent result. When done correctly, using fat to fill lines, plump cheeks, lift and add fullness to the face and restore a youthful look around the eyes allows your surgeon to use a higher amount of “filler” than if he or she was using a man-made product, without the concern of lumpiness.

The Stem Cell Face Lift is all natural.  Because the “filler” comes from your own body, it is completely natural and there is no chance of an allergic reaction.

The Stem Cell Face Lift is perfect for those who desire a little more fullness to the face, but aren’t ready for a facelift.  It is also ideal for those who have had a facelift and want to maintain the results.


In-Office procedure.


Local anesthesia in the office/clinic.

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