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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentation is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the U.S. Many patients seeking to enhance their lips head to their doctor’s office with a picture of the lips of a celebrity. Kylie Jenner’s lip are now highly sought after, whereas in the past the most requested lips belonged to Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian, just to name a few. These women are beautiful and have great lips that fit their faces. However, the key to getting the perfect pout is not to copy someone’s lips, but to enhance your own so that they fit your facial structure.

Lip augmentation started to gain popularity in the 1980s with the advent of injectable collagen. Today’s dermal fillers now use hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural substance found in the body, because it last longer and offers a more natural look and feel. There are multiple different dermal fillers that can be used, each having its own perks and lifespan.

Juvederm is a product created by Allergan, the same company that makes Botox. Juvederm is popular for use in many parts of the face for plumping and to smooth lines and creases. Juvederm Ultra XS is typically used in the lips and last about nine months to a year.

Also manufactured by Juvederm, Voluma XC can last up to two years. It is the longest lasting HA filler on the market.

Volbella, another member of the Juvederm family, is one of the newer dermal fillers on the market. This filler is preferred by many in the lips due to its softer feel. For most people, Volbella last between 12 and 18 months.

Restylane Silk is the product developed for the lips. This filler is often slightly more affordable than some of the other products used for lip injections and lasts about nine months.

During your consultation, you should tell your injector exactly what look you’re hoping for, including the size and shape of the lips you want. You can use a celebrity’s lips as a reference point for your injector. Keep in mind that everyone’s face is unique and your injector will help explain how to best achieve the look you envision. Lip enhancement is an art form. It’s important to have an experienced injector who understands exactly where to inject the filler and how much to inject in order to achieve the desired shape, balance and symmetry of the lips.

If you’re interested in plumping your lips, our injectors have years of experience and perform dermal filler injections daily. Schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts at The Skin Care Center at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery to discuss your lip enhancement goals and get lips you’ll love.

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