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Temporary lip augmentation is now one of the most popular and fastest growing treatments in the cosmetic enhancement industry. Temporary fillers are a great place to start for a person that wants fuller, more shapely lips. Using temporary fillers allows patients to try it and see if they like it before committing to a permanent option. An experienced injector can help guide you to a shape and fullness that fits well on your face and if for some reason you do not like it, most temporary fillers made with hyaluronic acid can be dissolved using hyaluronidase. Patients that have tried temporary fillers and love them may decide to look into more permanent options. There are two options to consider if you’re thinking about a permanent lip augmentation.

Lip Augmentation with Silicone Lip Implants

For many patients, the best option for permanent lip augmentation is lip implants. This procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia, with little downtime. Your plastic surgeon uses small incisions in the corners of your mouth to insert the soft silicone implant. Following your lip augmentation, you will experience some swelling. Perhaps bruising and possibly some numbness. For the first few days, you will be on a liquid diet to avoid chewing and the potential injury to your lips until the numbness subsides. After the swelling goes down, you will be able to see the permanent results of your lip augmentation. Not only will a lip augmentation give you fuller, plumper lips, it can also improve lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Lip implants are a great option as you age and naturally lose volume in the lips. With that additional volume loss, patients may decide to exchange their first implant for a larger one or use fillers in addition to the implant. Lip implants are easily removable if a patient decided he or she no longer want a “full lip” look. At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons also perform lip lifts and peri-oral rejuvenation for those patients experiencing volume or shape loss due to aging.

Lip Augmentation by Fat Transfer

Another option is fat transfer. This is using your own fat to fill and plump your lips. In order to obtain the fat needed for this procedure, you’ll have to undergo a small liposuction procedure. This treatment can be done in the office, relatively quickly. Your plastic surgeon will remove a small amount of fat from another part of the body of your body. That fat will then be separated from any other fluids and concentrated to prepare for the fat transfer. Your plastic surgeon will then carefully inject the fat into the lips in the desired areas to create a nice plump contour. Immediately following a fat transfer, the area will look fuller than it will once it has healed. In the weeks following the fat transfer, some of the fat will be filtered out by the body, leaving 40%-60% of the transferred fat as the final result. For some patients, more than one treatment may be need to achieve the desired appearance. It is important to remember that fat transfer is permanent and isn’t easily reversible. If a patient gains weight, the fat in the lips may expand, making the lips larger than the patient desires.

Your plastic surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of permanent lip augmentation with you so you can make an informed decision about which treatment option is best for you. If you want to improve the appearance of your lips, schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning board-certified plastic surgeons.

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