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Surgery in itself is something you want to make sure you have a great doctor for, but having a good plastic surgeon can be even more important. Many people looking for a plastic surgeon are hoping to correct a cosmetic issue they are unhappy with, so the last thing you want to do is spend money to get something corrected and then end up still being unhappy with the results. Finding a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon should be a top priority and can take a bit of time and research.

Finding The Best Plastic Surgeon

First and foremost, don’t price shop. Plastic surgery is not something you want to try to get a “deal” on. A qualified plastic surgeon is going to provide an excellent service while still offering fair pricing. Each geographic area is going to have an average price for certain procedures and they will stay pretty consistent among the various doctors in that area. The doctor that’s offering “deals” at a fraction of the price as everyone else is probably one you’ll want to avoid. Also, many times these advertised deals will have hidden costs, so it’s better to look for a doctor with a good reputation instead of a good price.

Second is the most helpful thing you can do, this is looking for reviews. The internet provides us loads of incite from other people who have experience with a particular surgeon. There are reviews on Google, Facebook and other websites, like Real Self. For the cosmetic procedure industry Real Self is a very helpful tool. Not only does it give you a rating and feedback on what the doctor was like, but there are pictures and entire recovery stories that people share that can really help you prepare and know what to expect when having cosmetic surgery. However, there are occasions where even great doctors may have a few not great reviews and you should take them into consideration but if you look at the reviews and almost all of the people are happy with the results then it’s probably a safe bet to put that doctor on your list of possibles.

Next, you can get referrals from other physicians. Many times if you’re looking for a “Mommy Makeover”, breast augmentation or tummy tuck, your gynecologist or other physician may have had other patients and might be able to at least point you in the right direction. Many times dermatologist will have plastic surgeons they will refer their patients to for certain procedures. Doctors are knowledgeable about other doctors in their areas and they often will give you a recommendation if you ask.

Finally and most importantly, you need to meet with the doctor. Have a consultation, make sure you’re meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and see how you feel about the doctor. Look at pictures of their previous patients, bring a list of questions to ask and make sure you feel comfortable and confident that you will be happy with your doctor and the results.

It’s very important to do all of these things in order to ensure you find the best plastic surgeon, that’s going to make sure you are well taken care of and happy with the results of your procedure.

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