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Facial cosmetic procedures have been around for decades, but thanks to modern technology and advances in cosmetic surgery, many women in their 50s and beyond are starting to look decades younger. Hence the saying,  50 is the new 40”. 

Both surgical and non-surgical treatments can help slow the march of time.  Here are some of the most popular ways to turn back the clock on aging.  

As we age, our body’s estrogen production decreases. Estrogen promotes the production of collagen and helps to lubricate your skin by producing oils.  The primary time most women experience a loss in estrogen is during and after menopause, which usually occurs in the early or mid-50s. As a result, the signs of aging tend to dramatically increase as the amount of naturally occurring collagen levels in the skin diminish.

Collagen is a vital structure in the appearance of your skin.  It gives your skin the smooth yet firm texture and elasticity you see during your youth. Over time, when we notice the skin starts to lose volume, look sunken, develop wrinkles and fine lines, what you’re seeing is collagen loss. Unfortunately, even the most extensive skincare routines aren’t always effective in preventing these things from happening. Sometimes, it can be caused by genetics, but it can also be caused by environmental factors such as pollutants, humidity, or dry climates.

Figuring out how to slow aging skin isn’t always easy. Even when you do everything all the ads and articles tell you to do, moisturizing regularly, washing your face, or using creams and oils, you can still develop unwanted signs of aging. Fortunately, there are several fantastic cosmetic procedures to help you combat the signs of aging and rejuvenate the appearance of your face.

Facelift – A facelift is a procedure that’s designed to restore your youthful appearance by removing excess skin from your face and subtly repositions the underlying facial structures to lift the face.  When done correctly, a facelift results in a fresher, more rested, and youthful appearance.  

Eye Lift – Blepharoplasty, or eye lift,  can correct droopy upper eyelids, remove bags under the eyes, or address both.  If those close to you are constantly remarking that you look tired even when you’ve had a great night’s rest, you may need an eyelift. 

Neck Lift – Neck lifts aim to remove excess fat deposits and tighten sagging skin under the neck and chin area. Your plastic surgeon will carefully contour and reposition the muscles and tissues in the neck to create a beautiful result.

If you’re unhappy with the signs of aging happening to your face, schedule a personal consultation with one of our award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeons at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, Drs. Jocelyn Leveque, Peter Butler, and Nathan Patterson.

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