What Makes Our PRP Facial Better


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The Skin Care Center is owned by Dr. Butler and Dr. Leveque, and is located at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery. We are one of the most advanced skin care facilities on the Gulf Coast. Our patients know they can trust our team for all of their Skin Care decisions. But, knowing your provider is just the first step. When considering Micro-Needling and a PRP Facial, there are a few things every patient should ask about the equipment their provider uses. 1. Which Micro-Needling system? Not all Micro-Needling systems are created equal. The best systems are fully adjustable for both needle depth and speed. The more adjustments your treatment provider can make, the more precise they can be. More precision allows more of the delicate areas of the face to be treated.

  • We Use Rejuvapen Rejuvapen is the industry leader in Micro-Needling. Rejuvapen is fully adjustable for needle depth and speed, to treat the most delicate areas of the face (even around the eyes).

2. Which PRP concentrate system? The quality of the PRP concentrate system determines the amount of Platelet Rich Plasma collected, and it determines the quality of the PRP.

  • We Use Harvest The Harvest® Platelet Concentrate System delivers the highest concentration of platelets for a more effective treatment. (Platelet concentration compared to 12 other systems.)
Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery office in the area offering Canfield Vectra 3-D Imaging and Breast Sculptor software.