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When you look in the mirror, it’s only natural to want to like what you see.  Fortunately, with the tremendous advances in plastic surgery, it is possible for men and women to tweak their appearance so their reflection makes them smile.  Whether it’s bigger (or smaller) breasts, a more rounded behind, a flatter belly, or thinner thighs, there are many cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve the body you desire.  If you’ve been thinking about different body contouring options, liposuction may be a good option for you. One of the benefits of surgical liposuction is that it can create beautiful curves and has the ability to be detailed in smaller areas of the body, which isn’t possible with non-surgical or “cool” liposuction treatments.

Liposuction eliminates or reduces excess fat in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, hips, buttocks, cheeks, neck, thighs and even the knees. Even with diet and exercise, many people have pockets of fat that are stubborn and seem impossible to lose. Liposuction is able to target these problem areas so patients can achieve their desired shape.

Liposuction is one of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures. It is an excellent way to produce better definition and contour curves. Liposuction is not a procedure that should be used to get rid of large amounts of fat.  It’s best for patients that are at an overall healthy weight but that have difficult areas of unwanted fat. When addressing fat in the abdomen, thighs, or arms, patients see the best results if they’ve already reached their health goals. Using liposuction for body contouring works well when combined with other procedures.  

Patients looking lose some unwanted fat deposits will often combine liposuction with other procedures like breast reduction, tummy tuck, and facelift. Some patients wish to plump up certain areas, first using liposuction to obtain the necessary fat followed by a fat transfer to create more fullness in the breasts, buttocks and even parts of the face. If you want to contour your body, lipo is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that can deliver a great outcome with little downtime. Most liposuction procedures can be performed in the office, in one to two hours. Afterward, most patients experience some swelling and bruising for one to two weeks. When combined with other procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck or breast augmentation, your treatment would be done in the hospital.

At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, we are devoted to helping our patients sculpt and contour a body they will love. Our board-certified plastic surgeons work closely with our patients to set attainable goals and get our patients the best possible results. Schedule a consultation today to speak with one of our award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeons about your problem areas and goals.

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