Neck Liposuction Pensacola, FL

Removing a double-chin a fairly common wish among patients.  While there are non-surgical treatments like Kybella, liposuction of the neck remains the best and most predictable option for treating this area.  Liposuction of the neck is usually performed in the office under local and oral sedation.

Introduction to Neck Lift

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Typical Timing/Age



Isolated areas of excess fat.


The area to be treated is accessed with cannulas a small skin incision under/behind the chin. The isolated area of excess fat is then artfully removed to leave behind a pleasing contour. This is why some plastic surgeons refer to liposuction as “liposculpture.”


To remove fat from neck and create a more youthful, pleasing neck contour.


Office/Clinic, Surgery Center or Hospital


Patients should be at a stable weight.


Local anesthesia in the office/clinic or general anesthesia at a surgery center or hospital.

Hospital stay

Most patients choose to go home after surgery.


You will be able to walk around, feed and bathe yourself. Depending on your pain medication requirements, you may not be able to care for others or drive a car.


You are encouraged to walk around as much as possible to help reduce the risk of DVT and thromboembolism.


You may shower immediately after surgery.


Light exercise is ok 1 week after surgery. Regular exercise after 2 weeks.


Wait 1 week because you don’t want to increase your blood pressure during the early healing period.


1 week or less depending on your type of work.


Usually peaks around 3 days and gradually goes away.


Should subside within 1-2 weeks.

Performed by: Dr. Butler, Dr. Leveque and Dr. Patterson


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