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Implant RemovalEN BLOC IMPLANT REMOVAL (Implant removal with Capsulectomy)

Whether it is because of a change in lifestyle, weight gain, or health concerns, some women may decide to have their implants removed. Most women simply want breast implant devices removed from their bodies. If the implant is a saline-filled device, it may be possible to remove it in the office under local anesthetic. If the implant is a silicone-filled device, it needs to be removed in an outpatient surgical facility under general anesthesia.

Some women want the implants removed, along with the scar capsule that surrounds the implants, known as an implant removal with capsulectomy. This is sometimes referred to as an En Bloc Implant Removal.

In both cases, a lift may be recommended to improve the shape of the breasts once the implants are removed. Fat transfer can also be done to add some fullness to the breast tissue.


In a standard breast implant removal, the surgeon removes the implants, but the surrounding capsule remains. In an en bloc or total capsulectomy, the breast implants and the surrounding capsule are removed.
Some women may want to utilize their own body’s fat to replace some of the breast volume lost when the implant is removed. Fat transfer adds a small to moderate amount of volume to the breast.  Many women opt to have a breast lift after implant removal which can restore breasts to a pleasing shape, without a “deflated” appearance.


Implants only, $1,350-$3,150. Total capulectomy EnBloc removal, $5,036 *This is an estimation & prices may vary.


Natural breasts


An outpatient surgery center or hospital.


General anesthesia is required for this procedure.

Hospital stay

This is out-patient surgery and does not require an overnight hospital stay.


You will be able to walk, feed and bathe yourself. Depending on your need for pain medication, you may not be able to drive or care for others while you are recovering.


You are encouraged to walk around as much as possible to help reduce the risk of blood clots.


You should be able to shower 24 hours after surgery.


You can resume light exercise (walking, riding a stationary bike, etc.) one week after surgery with good support. Most patients can exercise regularly 3-4 weeks after surgery.


Patients are asked to wait at least one week after surgery so that there is no increase in blood pressure. No one other than YOU should touch your breasts for six weeks after surgery.


Most patients are able to resume office-type work within 2-3 days of surgery. No heavy lifting until you are fully healed, which is about 6 weeks.


Most swelling usually subsides within 3-5 days after surgery.


If present, it should go away 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Risks & Complications

Hematoma, contour irregularities, infection, prolonged swelling, delayed wound healing poor scarring, hairline irregularity, nerve injury, need for revision, complications related to anesthesia.

Performed by: Dr. Butler, Dr. Leveque, Dr. Patterson


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