Scar Camouflage/Skin Color Tattooing

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Scar Camouflage at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery

Scar Camouflage/Skin Color Tattooing

The saying goes, “No one gets through life without a few scars.”  However, if the scars are physical, like those resulting from surgery, injury, stretch marks from pregnancy, or weight changes, there is an option to make them less noticeable. Scar camouflage uses a technique similar to permanent makeup (also called cosmetic tattooing) to help camouflage surgical scars, hypopigmentation, stretch marks, and other types of scars.

Sometimes referred to as skin color tattooing, camouflage tattooing uses specialized pigments matched to the surrounding skin color to make the scar much less visible. At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, this procedure is performed by Tabitha Fletcher, a Florida-licensed restorative tattoo artist, Florida-licensed surgical medical assistant, and a Florida-licensed medical esthetician. Tabitha has been with Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery for more than five years and brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and artistic ability to her restorative tattoo practice. Tabitha received specialized training in camouflage tattooing in Scottsdale, AZ and is certified in the procedure.

Scars should be fully mature before camouflaging them. Generally speaking, it is best to wait at least a year before starting the tattoo process. Certain scars may respond better to “inkless” tattooing. When performing this type of tattoo, the artist uses non-pigmented ink to improve the texture and color of the scar.

Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery and The Skin Care Center offers other scar treatments that may be used in conjunction with or instead of skin color tattooing.  These include PRP and PRF treatments, RF microneedling, IPL, PicoSure Laser or fractional laser treatments.

Scars are as individual as the people wearing them, and the cosmetic tattooing treatment plan is unique to each patient. Not all scars are good candidates for camouflage tattooing. This is why Tabitha offers complimentary consultations to explain the process in detail, evaluate the scars, and formulate a course of treatment for each specific patient.

The cost of scar camouflage depends on the number and size of the scars treated. A good price range is $500-$2000 per session. Four sessions are recommended for best results. (An exact price quote will be given at the consultation appointment.) An allergy patch test needs to be done before tattooing. This is $150 and can be done at the consultation appointment.

To schedule a consultation for scar camouflage/skin color tattooing, please call (850) 476-3223 or email us at [email protected].

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