Secondary (Revision) Breast Surgery Pensacola

Revision aesthetic (cosmetic) breast surgery can be divided into three categories: revision surgery after breast augmentation, revision surgery after a breast lift (mastopexy) and revision surgery after augmentation-mastopexy.

Revision surgery after breast augmentation is performed to correct a multitude of different deformities including: implant malposition, capsular contracture, double bubble deformity, snoopy-nose deformity, nipple malposition, rippling, animation deformity, ptosis, rupture, late seroma, stretch deformity and impending implant extrusion. Fortunately, many techniques are available to correct these deformities. Creation of a neosubpectoral pocket, use of capsular flaps, dual plane conversion and pocket reinforcement with acellular dermal matrices are just a few of the techniques Drs. Leveque, Butler or Patterson may utilize to treat these acquired breast deformities.

Revision surgery after mastopexy is performed to correct deformities such as nipple malposition, under correction of glandular ptosis, over resection of tissue and nipple necrosis. Some techniques Drs. Leveque, Patterson and Butler might use to correct these deformities include revision (repeat) mastopexy, fat grafting, placement of an implant, nipple transposition flaps and composite nipple grafts.

Deformities after augmentation-mastopexy include those associated with each procedure alone as well as some unique to augmentation-mastopexy as a result of the increased susceptibility to adversely alter blood supply and place excessive tension on the skin with this combined procedure.

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Performed by: Dr. Patterson, Dr. Butler, & Dr. Leveque

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