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Achieving your body goals is easier said than done. Often, it involves a lot of physical activity and a strict diet. These are also the reasons why it’s easy to give up, but don’t lose hope just yet!

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Extended Neck Lift Overview

“I hate my turkey neck” is a common complaint heard by Dr. Butler, Dr. Patterson, and Dr. Leveque from both male and female patients. A neck lift can restore a more youthful-looking neck. It is often done in conjunction with a facelift. In many cases, a neck lift can be done in the office under local and oral sedation. The procedure is done through a short, horizontal incision behind/under the chin and facelift incisions around each ear. The skin is widely freed from the face and platysma muscles. Excess fat deep to the platysma muscles is sculpted under direct vision. The platysma muscles are then sutured to each other in the midline. If needed, the platysma muscles may be cut horizontally to achieve an even better contour. The neck and lower face skin are then re-draped and any excess or redundant skin is removed from the face-lift incisions around the ears.

Facts About Extended Neck Lift

Typical Timing/Age

50-65 years old


The primary deformity in most patients seeking a neck lift are lax & separated platysma muscles, excess fat deep to the platysma muscles and excess neck skin. This causes the appearance of a sagging neck and a blunted chin-neck angle. A short scar neck lift is an appropriate solution for patients with minimal excess skin that will be adequately re-draped when the distance from the chin to the chest gets longer after the neck-chin angle is improved. (see image above). Other patients with more excess neck skin may require an extended neck lift or facelift.


$5,000 to $6,700 *This is an estimation & prices may vary.

Hospital Stay

Most patients go home after surgery and do not require a night in the hospital.


After a neck lift, you should sleep with your neck extended (head tilted back) for 2 weeks. This means no pillows. You may roll up a small towel and place it behind your neck (not your head).


Do not lift anything heavier than the Sunday paper for 2 weeks after surgery. Light exercises such as brisk walking at 3 weeks. No restrictions after 6 weeks.

Risks & Complications

Hematoma, contour irregularities, infection, prolonged swelling, delayed wound healing poor scarring, hairline irregularity, nerve injury, need for revision, complications related to anesthesia.


To improve the appearance of the neck.


Office/Clinic, Surgery Center or Hospital


Patients should have well-controlled blood pressure, be at a stable weight and should not be using any nicotine-containing products.


Local anesthesia in the office/clinic. Or if you prefer we can also perform the procedure under IV sedation at a Surgery Center or Hospital; or general anesthesia at a surgery center or hospital.

Walking After Surgery

You are encouraged to walk around as much as possible to help reduce the risk of DVT and thromboembolism.


Wait 2 weeks because you don’t want to increase your blood pressure during the early healing period.


Light office work and casual social events by 7-10 days. Wait 6 weeks before any major events. 3 months before any important photographs.


Swelling is usually worst around 3 days and then subsides. It may take about 9 months for the numbness and firm sensation to go away. 9-12 months for “full” healing.


Usually subsides by 1-2 weeks.

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Procedures are performed by board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Butler, Dr. Leveque, and Dr. Patterson in Pensacola, FL.

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