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Massive weight loss, natural aging, and heredity often result in the loosening of the skin around the thighs, buttocks, and hips. Thigh lift surgery provides firmer and more attractive upper legs by removing extra skin and underlying fatty tissue. Drs. Butler, Leveque, and Patterson offer several types of thigh lifts to tone and refine your legs. Whether it’s your inner thighs, outer thighs, or both, a lift can change your appearance dramatically. A medial thigh lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the medial thighs. A medial thigh lift is not a surgical treatment for being overweight. Obese individuals who intend to lose weight should postpone all forms of body-contouring surgery until they have reached a stable weight. There are a variety of different techniques used by your doctor for a thigh lift. Surgery will be approximately 2-3 hours as determined on a case by case basis. Typically this is done as an outpatient procedure.

Thigh Lift By Dr. Butler

Thigh Lift By Dr. Butler
Thigh Lift By Dr. Butler

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Thigh Lift By Dr. Leveque

Thigh Lift By Dr. Leveque
Thigh Lift By Dr. Leveque

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Thigh LiftTypical Timing/Age



Outer thigh lift/buttock lift runs about $9,400. *This is an estimation & prices may vary. Patients will be given an exact price at the consultation appointment.


Significant excess skin and fat of the thigh, along with dimpled and/or sagging skin.  If the issue is mainly excess fat (like saddlebags) then they may be effectively treated with liposuction alone.


Your surgeon will remove excess skin and fat to tighten the thigh area.  Incisions are carefully placed so that the scars are unobtrusive as possible.


To remove excess skin and fat from the thighs to improve contour.


Surgery Center or Hospital


Planning your thigh lift with your doctor begins with a comprehensive consultation and examination. A price quote will be given during your consultation. After your initial consultation, you will have a second visit with us two weeks prior to your scheduled procedure. This visit will cover any pre and post-op instructions as well as any medication that will need to be administered after. Patients should be at a stable weight, healthy, nutritionally-replete with good protein stores, and cannot be using any nicotine-containing substances.


General anesthesia.


No hospital stay is required. Most patients go home on the day of the procedure. Sutures are usually removed between 2-to-4 weeks after surgery. Walking is encouraged immediately after surgery.  You will be able to return to non-strenuous work approximately 10-14 days post-op. Scars will flatten and fade between 3 months and 2 years after surgery.


You will be able to walk around, feed, and bathe yourself. The pain medications and compression garments may make it difficult to care for others and unsafe to drive a car during the early recovery period.


You are encouraged to walk around as much as possible to help reduce the risk of DVT and thromboembolism.


You may shower 48 hours after surgery.


Light exercise is ok 2 weeks after surgery. Approximately 4-6 weeks after surgery, more strenuous activity will be allowed. Sometime around the 8th week post-op, you will be allowed to resume all activities.


Wait 4 weeks because you don’t want to increase your blood pressure or stress your incisions during the early healing period.


1 week or less depending on your type of work.


Usually, it peaks around 3 days and gradually goes away.


Should subside within 1-2 weeks.

Inherent Risks & Complications

Contour irregularities, Dehiscence, Delayed wound healing, Poor scarring, Bleeding, Seroma, Numbness, Infection, Need for revision, complications related to anesthesia.


Performed by: Dr. Butler, Dr. Leveque, Dr. Patterson


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