Kybella Pensacola, FL

Typical Timing/Age



Excess fat in the upper neck, chin area


Kybella is an injectable treatment that dissolves fat in the neck and chin area resulting in a more defined jawline. Most patients require two to three treatments, four to six weeks apart.


A defined jawline with a more youthful and pleasing contour.


Patients should be a stable weight.


No anesthesia required.


Patients should be able to resume most normal activities immediately following the injection.


No exercise for the first 24 hours.


Patients may experience swelling in the area treated. This can be helped by wearing a compression strap at night and sleeping slightly elevated.


Slight bruising may occur at the injection site.

Follow-up Appointments

4-6 weeks after the final injection<

Performed by: Dr. Butler, Dr. Leveque


Cost is $1200 per treatment and 2-3 treatments are usually necessary

In some cases, in-office liposuction may be a better option. All prospective Kybella patients meet with Dr. Butler or Dr. Leveque for a personal consultation to determine if they are a good candidate for Kybella.

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