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The end of summer of almost here and you can probably see it on your skin. While the outdoors is beautiful, the beaches are fun and the sun feels great on your skin, all of these things can be damaging to your skin and cause premature signs of aging. The good news is there are many things you can do to help repair skin damage after summer is over.

After a summer of fun in the sun, many people are left with dry skin, splotchy skin and/or brown spots. You may also notice an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. The Skin Care Center at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery’s team of experts help patients with these problems every day. We have some of the most advanced technology on the market to help treat a myriad of skin issues to help you look your best.

One of the best post-summer treatments is a HydraFacial ®. This is a great treatment to help rejuvenate your skin after summer, but your skin really benefits from having HydraFacials regularly throughout the year. A monthly HydraFacial will keep your skin hydrated and free of dry, dead skin. Dead skin cells building up on your face can make your skin look crepey and cause fine lines to look worse. A HydraFacial effectively removes this cell build up and infuses the skin with vitamins and peptides. After a HydraFacial, your complexion will have a beautiful glow and your skin will appear more plumb and smoother.

Another great treatment to repair damage done by the sun is an Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, treatment. An IPL penetrates the skin without damaging it, breaking up the dark spots and sun damage. This treatment also induces collagen production, helping to plump skin and treat fine lines and wrinkles. There’s virtually no downtime with this type of treatment. It usually leaves the skin somewhat pink, almost like a slight sunburn, for a day or two. Typically, around four treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Another great treatment for fine lines and wrinkles is the PicoSure Laser. It is used to resurface the skin. Unlike many other lasers, the PicoSure Laser does not use heat, which means it resurfaces the skin with little making skin with little downtime. Similar to the IPL facial, most patients experience a mild pink color to the treated area, which usually goes away the next day.

Microneedling is another great treatment that can breakup dark spots on the skin, while also treating fine lines and wrinkles. At The Skin Care Center at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery we exclusively use the Rejuvapen® for microneedling. With the Rejuvapen we are able to precisely target problem areas and provide a thorough treatment across all the parts of the face. Typically, a series of microneedling treatments provide the best final results. Like the other treatments listed, microneedling has little downtime.

If you’re suffering from sun damage or have any sort of skin issues, schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts at The Skin Care Center at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery.


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