Three Surprising Uses for Botox

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Many people are not aware of the many uses of Botox. It’s very safe, has no downtime, and is an affordable option in the anti-aging industry. It is best known for treating and eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. However, Botox has several other treatments and benefits.  


Botox is injected into the muscle and blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle decreasing the ability to contract, causing the wrinkles to relax. Areas commonly treated for wrinkles with Botox include forehead lines, “crow’s feet” or lines around the eyes, and lines around the mouth and lips. 

Botox injections are very fast and relatively pain-free. There is no anesthesia needed before receiving Botox, and the treatment only takes a few minutes. Your injector will use a fine needle-tip syringe to place the Botox into the targeted areas.

Patients usually describe it as feeling like minor pinpricks, just for a moment. The Botox will take full effect three to seven days following the procedure. Most people experience minimal side effects, the most common being temporary bruising. It’s best to stop taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications a few days before receiving your treatment to reduce the risk of bruising. 

Botox can also be used as a wrinkle prevention strategy and can be done for those 18 years of age or older.  However, this should be discussed with a physician.


The Botox lip flip is the newest treatment being used to enhance the appearance of the upper lip. This technique flips out the lip line, rolling the lips outward, giving a fuller appearance. This technique requires a small amount of Botox above the top lip, making it quick, affordable, and an excellent alternative for lip injections.

Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating, or what is known as hyperhidrosis. The Botox blocks the secretion of the chemical that causes the sweat glands to become active. However, it is only temporary and can be very costly. Another treatment for excessive sweating is miraDry, a one-time treatment to reduce underarm sweating while also reducing odor and hair growth. For around the same cost as one Botox treatment, miraDry offers most patients a permanent solution to excessive underarm sweat and odor. 

Jaw pain related to TMJ can be treated with Botox.  Botox works by minimizing the movement of the muscles in the jaw can reduce teeth grinding, jaw clenching and eliminate pain from TMJ.  This condition is usually treated by an oral surgeon rather than a plastic surgeon.

Botox can also be used to treat chronic headaches or migraines.  Patients needing treatment for migraines should consult with a neurologist, as it is this specialist that treats this condition.  

If you are experiencing lines and wrinkles on your face, or you’re interested in Botox for other treatments, schedule a free consultation with one of our skincare experts at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery’s Skin Care Center.


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