Top 3 Procedures for Women 50+

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As we age, there are many physical changes we start to see in our appearance. In our grandparents day, there were not a lot of options to combat the signs of aging. Fortunately, we now have many tools to keep us looking as young as we feel.

As the saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good.” Here are some of the most sought- after procedures for keeping women over 50 looking and feeling their best:

A facelift has been a popular procedure for women for decades. However, advancement in surgical techniques have made a face lift much easier on the patient. In the past, patients had to endure days in the hospital. A surgical facelift is now an out-patient procedure and many patients can have it done in the office, under local anesthesia. Gone are the days of a “too tight” facelift. Drs. Peter Butler and Jocelyn Leveque pride themselves on giving patients a natural looking result. Patients look like themselves, only younger and fresher.

Many people don’t realize that a facelift does not address a heavy brow or droopy skin around the eyes. These issues cause people to look older than they are or tired all the time. For those suffering with bags or puffiness under the eyes, surgery of the lower lid (lower lid blepharoplasty) is the solution. A brow lift and blepharoplasty are the surgeries that address these common complaints. These surgeries can also be done in conjunction with a facelift.

Fat Transfer
A fat transfer, also called fat grafting, is a great option for facial rejuvenation and helps add volume to the face. First, the fat cells are harvested from other areas of the body, typically the hips or abdomen area. These fat cells are then purified and injected into areas of the face to fill in the hollow or sunken areas. This will plump up lines and wrinkles, and give the face a smoother, fuller appearance. Once the fat is established in the transfer site, it is there permanently.

Dr. Jocelyn Leveque and Dr. Peter Butler have a vast of array of techniques and technology available to address the needs of their patients. It you would like to put their award-winning skill and expertise to work for you, schedule a consultation at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery.

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