What Is A Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

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As we age, one of the first places we notice changes is on our faces. In addition to fine lines, we also experience volume loss, which can cause sagging brows and eyelids. If you are not happy with the appearance of your eyes, there are many non-surgical alternatives to a brow lift. A non-surgical brow lift can help you rejuvenate your appearance and make you look years younger.

The best way to achieve a non-surgical brow lift is through doing what’s known as a chemical brow lift. One way chemical brow lifts are accomplished is by using Botox or Dysport. These products relax the muscles that pull the eyebrow down and the muscles that pull the brow up, keep the function of raising the brow.

In addition to Botox and Dysport, dermal fillers, like Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse are often used to give a brow lift. By placing the fillers under the eyebrow, it gives the appearance of a higher brow, as it tightens the upper eyelid area. For patients with a drooping brow, Botox or Dysport will give the best results but for someone with a sunken eye area, dermal fillers can give the most natural look by plumping the area.

Many patients get the best results by having a combination of the chemical lifts done. Using the treatments together can provide a very aesthetically pleasing result and is the most common why to achieve a non-surgical brow lift. With a chemical brow-lift, the brow can be lifted by a few millimeters. The length of time that the brow lift lasts, depends on the amount of Botox or other product that is used as well as how each person’s body metabolizes the chemical. Botox and Dysport are temporary and typically last between 3 and 6 months. Dermal fillers last slightly longer at around 6 to 9 months, depending on the product used. As with Botox, dermal fillers are minimally invasive and take less than 30 minutes to perform, with no down time.

Ultherapy is another great, non-invasive procedure used to lift the brow. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy waves to increase your collagen production and elastin, lifting and tighten the skin. It has been FDA approved to treat the neck, jawline, the brow area and on the décolletage area. After the treatment, your body continues producing collagen for several weeks, furthering the improvement in the skin’s firmness. Other nonsurgical treatment options are peels, such as chemical peels or laser peels. These types of peels tighten the skin, including forehead area, which elevates the eyebrow. Your doctor, nurse or esthetician can identify what specifically is causing the brow to appear lower and suggest the best treatment option for you.

If you are unhappy with your brows or you’re experiencing facial aging, schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts today!

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