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Skin Care Trends of 2019

Published on November 30, 2018

MiraDry is the cutting-edge technology that permanently eliminates up to 80% of under arm sweating and odor permanently.  (A great side benefit is that there in a significant and permanent reduction in underarm hair as well.) The results from this

Not Quite Ready For A Facelift…Anti-Aging Procedures

Published on November 30, 2018

As we age, our face changes.  Many people start to think about a facelift.  However, there are other procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that can keep you looking young and fresh (and maybe help postpone a facelift for a few

Top Causes of Premature Aging

Published on November 22, 2018

Delaying the aging process is a much sought-after goal for people all over the world. As we get older, we start to see and accept some of the minor signs of aging. However, there are many things that we do

Correcting Hardened Implants

Published on November 22, 2018

Complications from plastic surgery are uncommon.  Breast augmentation surgery is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries available. However, every patient heals differently.  Some patients’ bodies react to the implant by forming excess scar tissue around the implant. This is called

Tummy Tuck WITH or WITHOUT Liposuction

Published on November 16, 2018

For many women and men who get a tummy tuck, the decision of whether or not to have liposuction at the same time comes into question.  Is it safe? Is it more painful? Do you need it? These are just

Ultrasound Therapy for Anti-Aging

Published on November 16, 2018

Ultrasound therapy or Ultherapy is one of the most innovative procedures in anti-aging.  While not as dramatic as a facelift, Ultherapy is great non-surgical alternative for patients wanting address early signs of aging such as loose skin, increased folds and

Non-Implant Augmentation

Published on November 9, 2018

Breast augmentations are one of the most common procedures performed in the cosmetic surgery industry.  There are always new and innovative techniques, products and procedures designed to address most issues women experience with their breasts. One of the newest trends

You Can Have Fit Thighs

Published on November 1, 2018

A great deal of people aren’t too happy with the look of their thighs. Some people want to simply lose a bit of fat and excess skin from the area and others want to achieve a well-defined look that appears

Fall Skin Care Tips

Published on November 1, 2018

The weather and our environment can take a toll on the appearance of our skin.  It’s important to adjust your skin care regimen throughout the year, as the weather changes.  Skin care should be a year round concern but the

Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Published on November 1, 2018

When it comes to breast cancer, after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, the scars left behind can devastating and damaging to a woman’s self confidence.  For women who have had one of these life saving procedures to remove the cancer, the

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